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 With my father's inspiration, was designed to help the students by providing CBSE related information and self prepared material which includes sample and guess papers to students in every corner of the world. All this is provided free of cost without having to sign and become members. So it saves precious time of students. All the teachers are well qualified and have years of teaching experience in well known Convent schools.
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 We provide CBSE Maths sample and guess question papers chapter wise, unit wise and full syllabus. These papers are prepared by our qualified and experienced staff. Answers to most of the CBSE Sample papers are available separately. CBSE Model Papers, previous years board papers (CBSE) are available in Mathematics, Science Social, Science, English, Hindi and Punjabi for CBSE classes VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. Latest CBSE syllabus, new CBSE paper patterns and links to latest CBSE and NCERT books and to CBSE results. We are pioneers in CBSE maths services like ask a CBSE math question from our experts and CBSE mathematics project help. Info about Answer sheets of CBSE toppers. In addition you get talking english dictionary, in the news, articles and for your entertainment wallpapers, online games, current weather forecast. New- NCERT solutions classes X and IX and Link
 Utmost care has been taken to prepare papers, provide information etc. or the authors will not be responsible for any errors typing or others. This is not the official website.