Maths X Quiz - Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry

1. Square for example of x is written as x^2, similarly cube etc

2. Write more than one answers with "," in between but do not leave any space anywhere

3. Refresh/Reload the page if the test is not responding

4. Always write numbers in figures example 39

5. If the answer contains units write as cm, m, m^2, mm^3 etc.

6. Write answers in assending order unless any other order is required

7. If one answer has two words do not leave any space between them [eg. write right tringle as righttringle]

1. If the points P(6, 1), Q(8,2), R(9, 4) and S(r, 3) are vertices of a parallelogram taken in order, find r.

2. If the distance of point R(x, y) from the point A(3, 4) is squareroot 10 and abcissa of R is double the ordinate.
Find coordinates of R. [ write ans as (4,5),(8,7) without any spaces]

3. Name the quadrilateral formed, if any, by the following points. (-1,-2),(1,0),(-1,2),(-3,0)

4. Find a point on the y axis which is equidistant from the points A(6,5) and B(-4,3)

5. Given points A(6,3), B(3,5), C(4,-2) and P(a,b). area of trianglePBC/ area of triangle ABC =
[ Choose one or more]


6. ABC is a ___________triangle, given A(7, 10), B(-2, 5), C(3, -4).

7. Find the ratio in which the line-segment joining the points (6,4) and (1,-7) is divided x axis.

8. The points (a,0),(0,b) and (1,1) are cololinear if
[ Choose one or more]


9. The points (-a, -b), (0,0), (a,b) and (a2, ab)

[ Choose one or more]

Lie on a triangle
Lie on a straight line
Lie on a quadrilateral
none of these

10. Find the area of the quadrilateral whose vertices taken in order are (-4, -2), (-3, -5), (3, -2) and (2,3).[ Do not write units]