Maths X Quiz - Chapter 1 Real Numbers

1. Square for example of x is written as x^2, similarly cube etc

2. Write more than one answers with "," in between but do not leave any space anywhere

3. Refresh/Reload the page if the test is not responding

4. Always write numbers in figures example 39

1. If x is a factor y, then HCF of x and y is _______

2. A ___________ is a proven statement used for proving another statement

3. for any 3 positive intergers a, b and c is HCF*LCM = abc?

4. find HCF of 405, 840 and 960

5. other name of coprime no. is ___________
[if answer containhs 2 or more words writer them together with no space in between them]

6. Sum of two rational numbers is always rational. is the same true false irrational nunber.
[give answer in yes or no ]

7. Which is the only even prime number

8. Sum of HCF and LCM of 2 numbers is 924 and LCM is 10 times the HCF if 0ne of the number is 42 find the other

9. one is a ________number
[ Choose one or more]
neither composite nor prime
composite number
prime number
both a prime and composite number

10. If x is a factor y, then LCM of x and y is _______