Maths X Quiz - Chapter 2 Polynomials

1. Square for example of x is written as x^2, similarly cube etc

2. Write more than one answers with "," in between but do not leave any space anywhere

3. Refresh/Reload the page if the test is not responding

4. Always write numbers in figures example 39

5. If the answer contains units write as cm, m, m^2, mm^3 etc.

1.Volume of a sphere (numerically) = 3 surface area (numerically). Its radius is _______ units.

2. surface area of a sphere is 1256 cm2. Find its diameter. (take pie = 3.14)

3. Volume of a hollow cylinder of inner radius x and outer radius y and height is10 = 31.4( ___ )(take pie = 3.14)

4. A right cirlcular cone of radius 7cm is removed from a cylinder of same dimensions.
The volume of the remaining portion is 30800/3. Find height of cone in metre.

5. A cone, hemisphere and a cylinder have equal bases and heights. Find ratio of there volumes.

6. 3 cubes each of volume 8 cm3are joined edge to edge. Surface area of resulting cuboid is ____ cm2

7. Rectangular piece a paper 7cm long and 10cm wide is rotated completely along its width.
Find the volume of solid generated

8. The surface areas of a sphere and a cube are equal. There volumes are in ratio ______
[ Choose one or more]

1:square root of (pie/6)
square root of 6:square root of pie

9. A sector of circle of radius 15 cm has the angle 120degrees. It is rolled up so that two bounding radii
are joined together to form a cone. Find the volume of the cone.
[ Choose one or more]

none of these

10. The internal and external radii of a hollow sphere are 3cm and 5cm respectively. The sphere is melted to form
a solid cylinder of height 8/3 cm. Find the diameter and curved surface area of the cylinder.
[Write answer as decimal up to two places]