Maths X Quiz - Chapter 6 Triangles

1. Square for example of x is written as x^2, similarly cube etc

2. Write more than one answers with "," in between but do not leave any space anywhere

3. Refresh/Reload the page if the test is not responding

4. Always write numbers in figures example 39

5. If the answer contains units write as cm, m, m^2, mm^3 etc.

6. Write answers in assending order unless any other order is required

7. If one answer has two words do not leave any space between them [eg. write right tringle as righttringle]

1.Two _________ polygons of same number of sides are always similar.

2. If two triangles are similar their ________ are equal.

3. In triangle PQR PS/SQ = PT/TR and angle PST = angle PRQ, where point S lies on PQ and T on PR.Triangle PQR is _________.

4. In triangle PQR, PQ = 9cm, QR = 41cm and RP = 40cm then angle P = _____ degree

5. D and E are points on sides AB and BC of triangle ABC, DE parallel to AC divides triangle ABC into two parts equal in area. AD/CE = ____ [ Take squareroot2 = 1.41].

6. The angles of a triangle are in AP. If the greatest angle equals the sum of other two, find the angles.

7. In figure DE || BC and AD:DB = 2:5. Find ratio of areas of triangles DEF and CFB

8. BL and CM are medians of a triangle ABC in which angle A = 90 degree.
[ Choose one or more]

4(BL2 + CM2) = 5BC2
5(BL2 + CM2) = 4BC2
16(BL2 + CM2) = 25BC2
6(BL2 + CM2) = 8BC2

9. M is midpoint of side CD of parallelogram ABCD. BM is joined and produced to meet AD produced in E.
AC is joined intersecting BM at L.
[ Choose one or more]

EL = 2BL
EL = 4BL
2EL = BL
none of these

10. If areas of two similar triangles are equal they are __________.