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   Areas related to Circles - Class X
Formulae, Relations, Theorems etc.
Areas reltaed to Circles
Collection of points at a constant disctant from a fixed point in a plane.

1. Area of Circle = (Pi) r^2

2. Circumference of Circle = (Pi) d or 2(Pi) r

3. Length of arc = (Pi) r x/360 where x is angle subtended by that arc on the centre of circle

Sector is the region enclosed by 2 radii and their corresponding arc.
4. Area of sector = (Pi) r ^2 x/360 where x is angle subtended by that arc on the centre of circle

Segment - Region enclosed by a chord and corresponding arc
6. Area of segment = r^2 [(Pi) x/360  - sinx/2], where x is the angle subtended by the arc at the centre of circle.

Circular ring - Region enclosed by two concentric circles.
7. Area of circular ring = (Pi) (R^2 - r^2) where R is radius of bigger(outer) circle and r is radius of smaller(inner) circle.

Hexagon - A six sided closed figure
Regular Hexagon - A hexagon with all sides equal to each other and all angles equal to each other
8. Area of regular hexagon = 3 squareroot3 × side × side/2

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