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Types of Triangles Based on Sides - Equilateral Triangles, Isosceles Triangles, Scalene Triangle

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Mathematical Concepts
         Importance 40%
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  • Clear Understanding of Basic Concepts is most important in Mathematics though for some topics, it is easier to learn  concepts and procedures side by side.

  • Quick  recovery of basic math facts is essential for solving complex problems because complex problems have simpler problems rooted in them

  • Increased conceptual knowledge may help students from bare proficiency with facts and procedures to the ability they need to be good problem solvers provide text and video help in this regard.

Test Prepration
Importance 30%
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  • Basic Concepts and Practice are followed by Small and big tests of varing difficulty level.

  • They not only provide you a chance to solve more questions, now in stipulated time  but also you get a correct picture of your preparation.

  • We provide you Chapterwise Tests and Mock Tests, begining with easy level. 

NCERT Solutions
Importance 30%
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  • Along with Conceptual Knowledge students need lots of practice by solving large  number of problems.

  • This not only enhances their understanding but also helps them prepare for exams and other competitive tests.

  • We provide solutions to problems from NCERT books for Classes VIII to X.

  • Concepts discussed relating Mathematics to Real Life as far as possible.

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