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Finally Available - Tool to Check Your Maths Class X Preparation for March 2018 Exams

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Wait Over - Check Your Maths Class X Preparation for March 2018 Exams with our time tested Maths Sample Paper 

From last 25 years very large number of students attempt and benifit from our Maths Mock Test for Class X.  This Mock Test is available Online every year since 2006 and every year it is downloaded and attempted by thousands of students. Feedback by these students for these tests has been very positive.

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CBSEMATH.COM completes 10 years in service of student community

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28 Feb 2016 - completes 10 years in the service of student community.

Absolutely Free

During these 10 years we have provided

1. NCERT mathematics solutions for classes 9th and 10th.

2. hundreds of CBSE Sample Paper Papers for Classes VI to XII.

3. Dozens of CBSE Mock Tests for classes VIII to XII.

4. CBSE Mathematics Exam Tips.

5. Latest information about CBSE Results, CBSE Syllabus, CBSE Books, CBSE Date Sheet etc.

6. Whenever possible we have provided Answers to your questions.

6. Information about universities in India etc. is also available.

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Statistics - CBSE Results 2012 class X

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1179182 candidates were registered for class X examination in 2012 an increase of about 11 % candidates over last year.

Percentage of students who qualified for admission in Higher Classes - 2011 = 96.61

Percentage of students who qualified for admission in Higher Classes - 2012 = 98.19

Percentage of girls qualified  98.48 and that of boys is 97.98 .

Best Result - Chennai Region

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Register for CBSE Results 2012 X school wise and individual now

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CBSE has declared the date of CBSE Results 2012 class X for remaining 7 regions Patna, Allahabad, Panchkula, Guwahati, Ajmer, Bhubaneshwar and Delhi regions as 24 May 2012.

You may register to recieve the result via Email when the results are declared. This registration can be done on the official results website now.

CBSE Results 2012 class X chennai Region Declared

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CBSE Results X for 2012 were declared on 21 May 2012. These results can be seen on the official cbse website. Both individual and school wise results are availble.

Result of school based summative assessment 2 - 2012 to be declared by CBSE

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CBSE in one of its recent circulars has come out with the following binding insctructions to schools under its juridiction all over the country.

Schools will not declare the results of class X summative assessment II under any circumstances, it will be declared by CBSE in the month of May 2012 along with the board based summative assessment II.

CBSE will issue uniform certificate to all students.



CBSE Results - 2011 v/s 2010, girls v/s boys

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CBSE Results

CBSE Results - 2011 v/s 2010 (excluding Patna region)

Pass percentage of 2010 = 79.87

Pass percentage of 2011 = 81.71

Percentage increase over 2010 = 1.84 %

CBSE Results 2011 - Girlsv/s Boys (excluding Patna region)

Pass percentage of girls = 86.93

Pass percentage of boys = 77.83.

Difference in pass Paercentage = 9.10

Best CBSE Region for Results 2011 class XII 

Chennai with pass percentage - 91.32

Who predicteded Dates of CBSE Results XII 12?

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Dates of CBSE Results XII 12 XII are corrected predicted corrected estimated every year by our experts.

How are dates of CBSE Results 12 XII predicted?

See Details and No. of Days left for CBSE Results 12 XII 2011

CBSE CCE co-scholastic areas grade points

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CBSE CCE co-scholastic areas

Life Skills (Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills)
A+ --------------- 5
A ---------------   4
B+ --------------- 3
B ---------------   2
C ---------------- 1

All other Co- scholastic Areas (All Others)
A+--------------   3
A --------------    2
B --------------    1

CBSE Mathematics XII Mock Test / Sample Paper 2011

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CBSE class XII Mathematics  Exam date 22 March 2011 . Solve our latest CBSE Mathematics Mock Test/ Full Syllabus Sample Paper for March 2011 Exams.