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Intoduction to Trigonometry - Class X
Formulae, Relations, Identities etc.
Trigonometric Ratios
In a right triangle ABC right angled at B 

Sin A = opposite site (perpendicular)/hypotenuse = BC/AC

Cos A = 
adjacent site (base)/hypotenuse = AB/AC

Tan A = 
opposite site (perpendicular)/adjacent site (base) = BC/AB

Cot A =  
adjacent site (base)/ opposite site (perpendicular) = AB/BC

Sec A = 
hypotenuse/adjacent site (base) = AC/AB

Cosec A = 
hypotenuse/opposite site (perpendicular) = AC/BC
Trigonometric ratios of Complementry angles
Let ABC is a right triangle right angled at B. Let angle A = x then angle c = 90 - x

sin x = cos (90 - x)

cos x = sin (90 - x)

tan x = cot (90 - x)

cot x = tan (90 - x)

sec x = cose (90 - x)

cose x = sec (90 - x)
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